Self-Storage Solutions for Business Needs

Due to shortage of space, rising numbers of individuals are now opting to use self storage units within Australia. Self storage is the business of letting out storage space to tenants, usually on monthly basis. Individuals as well as small business oftentimes resort to this practice in Altona for example to store their excess inventory once space becomes a hard find. It is only the tenant who can access the rented space under such circumstances, which could be in terms of rooms, units or lockers.




After renting a unit for storage objectives, the tenant retains the sole right to any goods stored there unless operating in default of payment. The owner gets a lien over goods in case of default, which allows him to recover expenses by auctioning them to the highest bidder. Most providers of self storage solutions provide security at their storage premises via controlled access, security cameras, interior lighting and individual door alarms, among other facilities. However, liability of ownership on the side of management is limited if damage occurs. Therefore, to cater for contingencies, the tenant needs to obtain insurance coverage in form of either self storage for tenant or home owner’s insurance.

Self Storage Available In Assorted Packages

Due to high competition, even more self storage firms are closing in on residential and commercial areas. It would make some business sense for many Altona companies perhaps, since proximity to consumers would eventually reduce transportation costs while also improving logistics for the long term.

Self storage units are available in diverse sizes depending upon the requirements of a given customer. Some examples of popular sizes include 10 feet by 5 feet, 10 feet by 10 feet, 10 feet by 20 feet, 15 feet by 20 feet and 20 feet by 20 feet. Such secure storage units are lockable, walled and windowless. Security is accorded priority when designing these lockers, which are reinforced using door alarms, chain linking fencing, corrugated metal walls, surveillance cameras and controlled access. Certain facilities employ biometrics and hand scanners to ascertain that tenants only duly access their lockers. Additional facilities normally availed with these storage units include elevators, loading docks, drive-in facilities and complimentary rolling carts among others.

How Self Storage Assists Businesses to Flourish

Whether small or large, modern businesses oftentimes face acute scarcity of space that ends up creating serious logistic problems. For business utility, Melbourne self storage for instance units offer the services below:

  • Constant supply of raw materials
  • Improving productivity of sales and marketing staff
  • Better distribution of goods that results in increased consumer satisfaction
  • Better utilization of facilities and space

Business entities oftentimes utilize self storage lockers for storing files, office equipment, trade equipment and supplies, seasonal and excess stock and electronic goods, among other items.

If running out of room for business storage, be sure to approach a credible provider of self storage services. You should be able to find a unit tailored to your requirements in Altona and other Melbourne locations by getting online at