4 Common Types of Commercial and Industrial Property Maintenance

Every industrial property needs a thorough maintenance. Even though investing in a high-quality fixture like a Thermicroll door is essential, it would be useless without the property managers’ care.


Each property requires a diverse set of maintenance needs. Some cold stores need to change their doors and install more powerful Thermicroll doors to preserve their cooling power; while others need to install Thermicroll doors to regulate humidity.

Nevertheless, the goals of each maintenance procedure are to:

1)      Keep the products and machines protected and working

2)      Ensure the functionality of the whole floor or building and

3)      Keep the occupants safe.

Here are the most common types of commercial and industrial property maintenance that any building must receive:

Routine Overall Maintenance

Just like people, properties need a frequent overall check of their health or functionality. Most of industrial or commercial facilities need a specific number of maintenance procedures to make sure that production will continue without ceasing unnecessarily. However, these procedures may vary depending on the work culture, environment, available resources, and so on.

Who performs these routine maintenance procedures?

Generally, it’s the property managers who perform frequent checks to figure out areas that require immediate upkeep.

Specifically, in most industrial facilities, a property manager really need to set a strict schedule of maintenance for pieces of machinery and equipment. It may include replacing the hydraulic solution and lubricating the bearings.

They also take rounds and take notes of other fixtures or areas that need replacement. These may include:

  • installing a new industrial freezer door
  • lubricating a malfunctioning, rusty hinge
  • fixing worn floorboards
  • replacing dimming light bulbs,
  • disposing or replacing of air conditioning filters
  • cleaning or replacing hood range filters (if it’s a food manufacturing property)
  • and fixing damaged door locks

Preventive Upkeep Procedures

Preventive actions are the most cost-effective upkeep methods. Investing in high-quality machines, fixtures, and features will lessen maintenance costs in the near future.

These actions aim to prevent a building to catch “diseases”, such as mould, mildew, insect infestation, and common workplace accidents. Fire preventive procedures also belong under this category.

Preventive upkeep is done during the routine overall maintenance.

Protective Maintenance Steps

Preventive upkeep procedures are different from protective maintenance steps. The former is geared towards preventing avoidable instances, while the latter are steps that help a property cope with inevitable circumstances.

For instance, a property manager may also ensure that the building prepared for natural calamities like flooding and heavy rainstorms.

In one case, they may also conduct a yearly or bi-yearly painting of the steel structures if they are situated near a very humid area such as a coastal area. Unattended and unregulated moisture usually gets the best of these types of properties.

Other fixtures that should get protective maintenance are beams, stairs, railings, pillars, and etc.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical installations should be overseen by specialising professionals. These are expert property managers who are licensed in evaluating or fixing electrical installations in properties.

Some proprietors may hire electricians but there are some service providers who are the full package—they fix electrical installations, provide property development services, engineering management, and so on.

This type of maintenance should also be recorded and performed periodically.


Overall, maintenance should be done regularly; however, it also includes investing in the best fixtures for your property.

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